Ministry of Stories Radio Series

This activity should take 30 mins

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Ministry of  Stories

About Ministry of Stories

The nine part audio series is aimed at helping listeners aged 3-6 and their parents explore the magic of storytelling. The premise of the series is to convince The Chief of the Ministry (who is played by BBC Radio 4’s Jenni Murray) that children can create fantastic stories.

The aim of the series is to get little minds inspired to let their imaginations run wild and begin to think creatively. In the first episode the children are asked to think about a story by breaking it down into manageable chunks – the beginning, middle, and the end.

Guiding the children through the story making process is Two, The Chief’s main aid. He checks in regularly with The Chief who booms back encouraging feedback.

What can I do with my child?

Why not listen to an episode with your little one and when it asks the children to come up with suggestions, stop the recording and ask them what their ideas would be. Perhaps you could write it for them so together you could make a story, and they would in the end be the author of their creation. Another way to get them engaged is to get them drawing a picture of their ideas, as we all know every good book needs illustrations!

Either way, using the Ministry of Stories series is a great tool to get parents and children getting creative together!

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