Timmy Time - Messy Painting Game

Choose a character to paint

This activity should take 5 mins

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Timmy and colour palette


This magic paintbox game allows your child to get creative and experiment with colour - without making a mess! They just have to choose a character from the show to colour in and then click on the paintbrush. They can wipe the slate clean and start again as many times as they wish.

How to extend the fun

Why not let your child have a go at making a little Timmy? Click through to the Make & Colour section and have a go at creating the Loop Paper Timmy. If you don't have any black or pink card you could colour some white card black and pink beforehand. You'll need to lend a helping hand with some of the make.

How to make a magic moment

Click through to the Song Time section and sing along to the Timmy Time theme song and the Timmy Time Name Song. Take it in turns to make lots of loud 'BAAAA!' noises just like Timmy!

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