Kerwhizz - Kerwhizz Game

Play the quiz with added whizz - before you enjoy a race around the track


This fast-paced interactive game is great for encouraging the development of your child's problem-solving skills through playful learning. The game - which is aimed at 4-6-year-olds - also helps your child to concentrate and focus on the task in hand as they answer the quiz questions. Then, once the hard work is over it's time to have some fun on the race track.

How to extend the fun

Click on this link - - to check out all the Kerwhizz content on the CBeebies website. You could print out a few colouring sheets or maybe watch a few clips from the show together. You could even sing along to the theme tune with your child.

How to make a magic moment

Have your very own Kerwhizz racing game! Get yourselves fired up and ready to rocket around the living room! Go on, join in and have some roaring fun together!

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