Justins House Game

Play lots of brand new Justin's House games!

This activity should take 15 mins

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Justin and Robert the Robot in Justin's House

Justin's House Game

With the new Justin's House game little ones can feel part of the show, explore the house and play along with Justin, Robert and Little Monster on the CBeebies website.

The CBeebies Justin’s House games reflect the very essence of the TV show. With Justin and Robert welcoming them to the House and guiding them through as they explore and play the hysterical games, jam packed with hilarious antics, comedy chaos, singing and dancing.

Want to read more about the games and the benefits of laughter? Check out our article about the new series then head over to the site and play along with your little one!

About each game

Once you've entered the worls for Justin's House - we have four games for your little ones to play.


Testing out Robert’s tickle-o-matic invention will get our audience giggling, as they tickle Justin or Robert to distraction with an array of silly items including a feather duster, a sponge and a comedy glove. The antics take place over three rounds before reaching tickle overload.

Sing and Dance

The user can select a song featured in the TV series from Robert’s RMP-01 Player, then as Justin shouts ‘Hit it Robert!’ they can sing along. Justin encourages them to keep moving and ‘wiggle those bottoms’!

Silly Dress Up

Incorporating the ridiculousness and mad-cap humour of Justin’s House with gusto, ‘Silly Dress Up’ allows the user to dress up Justin and Robert the Robot in unusually wacky costume combinations! The silly-o-metre then rates their outfit with a fit of comedy giggles and funny faces from Justin and Robert.

Wake Up Justin

Justin is in bed! In true reflection of the live show, the user (encouraged by Robert the Robot) gets to make as much noise as they can to wake him up. To do this, they click an array of random buttons producing classic panto sound-effects.

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