Little Red Tractor - Jigsaw Puzzle

Put the Little Red Tractor pieces together to complete the jigsaw puzzle


Click and drop the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle to complete the picture. This simple game is perfect for children who are just getting the hang of using a computer, and it will help to develop their problem-solving skills as they figure out which pieces fit where.

How to extend the fun

Ask what your child knows about tractors. Who usually drives them and what are they used for? You could talk about farms and the animals that can be found on farms.

How to make a magic moment

Get up and pretend to be farmers driving along on bumpy tractors. 'BRRMMM, BRRMMM!' - off you go along the lane, with your big wheels. You could even sing a variation of the 'The Wheels on The Bus' (substitute 'tractor' for bus as you sing each verse) as you bump along.

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