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Construct different bird's nests and learn more about birds and the natural world

This activity should take 15 mins

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Bird and tree


This game helps children develop their problem-solving skills as they work out what to construct their nests from, which twig shapes fit into the nest and what to feed the chicks. The game also develops their knowledge and understanding of the natural world as they learn about nests, eggs, and baby birds.

How to extend the fun

Talk to your child about baby animals and birds (eg baby birds are called chicks, baby cats are called kittens, baby sheep are called lambs). Explain that they start off very small and grow bigger and bigger. Can they think of any baby animals or birds they have seen in real life (eg at a farm) or in books?

How to make a magic moment

Have some fun together pretending to be chicks in a nest. First you have to hatch - 'CRACK' goes the egg. Then you call out to your Mummy and Daddy - 'TWEET TWEET' goes the chick. Then you're ready to leave the nest and find a new home - 'FLUTTER' goes the baby bird as it flies off.

Do this activity on CBeebies