Green Star Chart

A printable Green Star chart

This activity should take 30 mins

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Star chart


This printable star chart is great for extending your child's knowledge and understanding of the world around them as they learn about the environment and ways they can help to protect and look after it (eg recycling, not dropping litter, turning lights off to save energy). It's also a good way for them to learn about taking responsibility for their actions. There are stickers to print out which can be added to the chart when they have completed an eco-friendly task.

How to extend the magic

Next time you are sorting out the recycling, get your child involved. They can help you sort different materials into separate bags or boxes. Explain which things can be recycled and which can't. Try to think of another eco-friendly thing you and your child could together to help the environment, eg walking instead of using a car or bus, watering your garden with rainwater (which you have collected in a bucket or water butt).

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