Giggleswick Park

Help the squirrel in Giggleswick Park collect and store nuts.

This activity should take 15 mins

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Giggleswick Park game


This simple search and find game is perfect for younger children who are just getting the hang of using the mouse and keyboard. It will help with their number skills too. Your child just has to help the squirrel collect acorns and then find the stored nuts under the leaves.

How to extend the fun

After you’ve played the game, why not play another counting game with your child? You could use anything you like – counters, coins, leaves, small stones. You could even use acorns or conkers if it’s autumn time! Practise counting from 1-10.

How to make a magic moment

Imagine you are both little squirrels and pretend to collect nuts together. Then, pretend to eat the nuts. Make some eating noises together – 'NIBBLE NIBBLE, MUNCH CRUNCH, YUM, YUM!'

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