Get Squiggling! Squiggle-Cam

Use their imagination with this webcam game

This activity should take 15 mins

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Squiggle Cam


This game can only be played if you have a webcam. Your child will need to find a bright red, green or blue object to use as a 'magic wand' which they use to wave in front of the camera to draw a picture. (If their wand isn't working, click on 'Help' in the game.) CBeebies webcam games offer your child a new interactive experience. They encourage your child to use their imagination, be creative and also be more physical when using the website.

How to extend the fun

After your child has played the webcam 'magic wand' drawing game, they could use their hands to draw imaginary 'magic' shapes in the air - wavy lines, circles, zig zags and so on. If you have some space, let them move/leap around the room creating their 'magic' shapes.

How to make a magic moment

Pretend you are fairies/magicians and each wave a magic wand in your hand (use a pen, a wooden spoon or just pretend to hold one in your hand). Sprinkle some fairy/magic dust around you and say 'Abra-cadabra!' You could also cast some magic spells with your child. The sillier the spells the better!

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