Get Squiggling! Magic Paintbox

Help your child's physical development - without using mounds of paper


This colouring game lets your child get creative - without using up mounds of paper. They can experiment over and over again and see their work displayed in the Get Squiggling gallery. The game also helps with your child's physical development, especially their hand-eye coordination as they click on a Squiggle Stick and create their designs.

How to extend the fun

Get some crayons or felt-tip pens out and let them draw a picture or two on some paper. You can then create your own little gallery to display their work (maybe on the kitchen wall). Or you could print out a selection of their online artwork and display that instead.

How to make a magic moment

Don't let your little one have all the fun. Create a Squiggle-tastic picture together - either by using the Magic Paintbox or by getting out some paper and colouring pens. Perhaps you could draw each other's faces and take it in turns to add your eyes, nose, mouth, ears etc.

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