Bobinogs - Foody Face

Make a Foody Face by clicking different buttons on the screen


This fun food game encourages children to be creative and experiment with different colours and combinations. It will also help them extend their knowledge about different types of food. The game simply involves making a Foody Face out of fruit and vegetables by clicking on different buttons on the screen.

How to extend the fun

Play this game together and see who can create the silliest Foody Face. As you play the game, ask your child to name the fruit and vegetables as they appear. If they don't know, give them a few clues to help them out. Ask them if they know whether the fruit or veg grows on a tree, on a plant, under the ground, in a hot country, etc.

How to make a magic moment

Have a giggle together creating your own real Foody Face. You could use grapes for eyes, green beans for eyebrows, a small carrot for a nose and a banana for a mouth. Have fun experimenting with any other fruit and veg you have in your kitchen!

Do this activity on CBeebies

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