Eyes in the Dark

Learn about animals that can see in the night using these foil cat's eyes.

This activity should take 30 mins

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Creating these foil cat's eyes which reflect the light back from a torch will help to develop your child's knowledge and understanding of the world around them, and how things work. It will also help to improve their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills as they carefully cut out and assemble the different materials to make the cat's eyes. Your child will find some of this task tricky so you'll need to be on hand to help out.

How to extend the magic

You could talk to your child about the small reflective lights (also called cat's eyes) which are used on roads to help guide cars along in the dark. You could also talk about animals and birds that go hunting for food at night-time (eg cats, owls and foxes) and how the special reflective layer in their eyes help them to see in the dark.

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