Driver Dan's Story Train - Pirate Pie

This activity should take 5 mins

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Pirates and a pie


This picture story will help to develop your child’s language and literacy skills, especially their listening skills. Watching it together is a fun, interactive way of encouraging your child to enjoy books and the whole process of storytelling. The activity is also great for stimulating their imagination as they listen to the fantastical tale of two hungry pirates on the look-out for a yummy treat.

How to extend the magic

Why not make up your own pirate adventure! Make up some good pirate names. Imagine you’re sailing on the high seas and you spot a desert island in the distance. Will you find any buried treasure? Pretend to dig for treasure. What have you found – some gold coins? Count out your imaginary gold coins together before you put them in a bag, get back on your pirate ship and sail off to look for another treasure island.

Do this activity on CBeebies