Dirtgirlworld Snap

Improve problem-solving skills by finding matching pairs

This activity should take 15 mins

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Dirtgirlworld snap game


This game is all about finding matching pairs (there are eight pairs in total). Your child just has to flip over tiles to reveal characters and objects from dirtgirlworld. Good for developing their problem-solving and reasoning skills.

How to extend the fun

Why not make your own game of snap? Cut out 20 pieces of plain card and draw a circle on each piece. Ask your child to choose 5 crayons or pens (different colours) and ask them to colour in the circle on each card. Make sure you have 4 cards of each colour. Shuffle up the cards and you're ready to play.

How to make a magic moment

Think of a silly rhyme or sentence using the word 'snap', eg it could be 'snap' being the sound a crocodile makes and you could make your hand into the shape of a crocodile's mouth and pretend to be crocodiles together. Happy snapping!

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