Dirtgirlworld - Make a Face

A creative way for your child to practise computer skills

This activity should take 30 mins

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Dirtgirlworld - Make a Face game


This game allows your child to get creative whilst practising their computer skills as they use items from Dirtgirl's garden to create silly faces. How about a pizza face with tomatoes for eyes and olives for a smile? Or maybe a fruit salad face with a strawberry for a nose and a blueberry hairdo!

How to extend the fun

Your child could have a go at making a Dirtgirl or Scrapboy mask. Cut some card out and make some eye holes then let your child colour and decorate it. Once they've finished their design, add some small holes to thread the elastic or string through.

How to make a magic moment

Make a fun face out of fruit, veggies, dry pasta, coins, pebbles, twigs - whatever you fancy! Try different combinations out. The sillier and more unusual the faces, the better!

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