Green Balloon Club - Clubhouse

Extend their knowledge of the natural world and develop their computer skills

This activity should take 15 mins

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Club House painting


This interactive game extends your child's knowledge and understanding of the natural world and develops their computer skills as they explore the Green Balloon Club's virtual HQ. As they move around the clubhouse using their mouse, they click on objects such as the telescope (to look at different views), the wind chimes (to watch songs) and the scrapbook (to make an online nature journal).

How to extend the fun

Why not create a paper nature scrapbook? Next time your child sees something interesting outside, they could draw a picture of it and add it to their scrapbook. You could help your child by writing the name of the thing they spotted and adding the date.

How to make a magic moment

Go to your nearest window and take a look outside. What can you see and hear? It might be the sun, clouds, raindrops, trees, flowers, a gust of wind. Can you hear any birds tweeting? Pretend to be one of the things you have just seen or heard!

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