Charlie and Lola - Cloud Hopping

Help Lola catch the butterflies with her net


Help Lola catch the butterflies with her net. You can make her move from cloud to cloud, jump and catch butterflies all by using your keyboard.

How to extend the fun

This game will help your child's hand-eye coordination skills as they help Lola hop from the moving clouds to catch the flying butterflies. They'll also learn to appreciate how butterflies come in all sorts of beautiful colours. You could extend this activity by checking out the Green Balloon Club's 'Butterfly Spot' Watch & Listen clip then maybe going outside and see if you can spot butterflies yourselves? Alternatively, sing and dance with your child along to the Boogie Beebies' Butterfly Fly song .

How to make a magic moment

Although the game is designed to be played by one player, you can play it together with your child if you wished. Why don't you allow your child to move Lola from cloud to cloud while you press the spacebar to help Lola jump? Your child is bound to let you know if your butterfly catching skills aren't quite up to scratch!

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