Razzledazzle - Chit Chat Chest

Match a sound with a picture


This game is all about matching a sound with a picture. Your child has to listen carefully, think about what they have just heard and then click on the correct picture on the screen. The game extends their knowledge of the world around them as they figure out what new sounds are or recall sounds previously heard.

How to extend the fun

Play a listening game with your child. Get your child to shut their eyes and guess what you are doing. You could blow your nose, tap on the keyboard, jangle some keys and flick through a magazine. You could then swap over and see if you can guess what noises they are making.

How to make a magic moment

Look out of a window together and see what noises you can hear. Can you hear raindrops, the wind whistling or leaves rustling? Are there any birds singing or people chattering? See if you can recreate those noises together!

Do this activity on CBeebies

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