Grandpa In My Pocket - Catch Me If You Can

Help Grandpa tidy up as your child develops their problem-solving and computer skills

This activity should take 15 mins

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Car from Catch Me If You Can game


This game allows your child to develop their problem-solving and computer skills as they help Grandpa tidy up and collect objects along the way. Accuracy and speed are the name of the game and your child will have to focus on the task in hand as they need to avoid obstacles along the way to get a high score.

How to extend the fun

Click through to the Grandpa In My Pocket 'Make and Colour' section of the CBeebies website and see if your child would like to colour in one of the printable colouring sheets? Otherwise you could ask your child what they would do if they could be as small as Grandpa? Where would they go and what adventures would they have?

How to make a magic moment

Why not take it in turns to play this game together? Have a go at the slow versions first and then try the fast versions. See who can get the highest score in each section. When you've finished the game, give yourselves three cheers - HIP HIP, HOORAY! Grandpa would be proud of you!

Do this activity on CBeebies

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