Charlie and Lola - Butterfly Gallery

Design your own Charlie and Lola butterfly

This activity should take 15 mins

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Butterfly painting and paints


Design your own Charlie and Lola butterfly! Select a butterfly shape, colour it in and watch it flutter to life in your very own butterfly gallery!

How to extend the fun

This game really encourages your child to be imaginative as they can make as many different butterflies as they wish. They can try out lots of different designs and see what they look like in the gallery. You could extend this activity by showing your child a book that illustrates how beautiful butterflies are in real life. Alternatively, you could check out the Green Balloon Club's 'Butterfly Spot' Watch & Listen clip then maybe go outside and see if you can spot butterflies yourselves?

How to make a magic moment

When your child has completed designing a butterfly that they are really happy with and have enjoyed seeing it fly around in the gallery, you could print off their design so they can hang it on their wall or put it in their scrapbook.

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