Tikkabilla - Blockabilla

Try grouping different blocks into groups of three

This activity should take 15 mins

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Tikkabilla and Blockabilla game


This matching game is great for developing your child's problem-solving skills as they figure out how to group different blocks into rows of three. It's also great for practising their keyboard skills as they use the arrow keys to sort the blocks by colour, shape and number. There are several levels of difficulty and they're up against the clock to score as many points as they can.

How to extend the fun

Play a sorting game yourselves. Grab an assortment of objects and get your child to sort them into groups based on different criteria (eg soft, hard, round, flat, 4-sided, shiny, edible, etc). If your child is younger you could simply sort by colour.

How to make a magic moment

Why not have a go at the '2-player' option of the game? Have a practice with those arrow keys first and then off you go. The winner can be crowned the Blockabilla Blockbuster champion!

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