Big Bug Show

Have some fun learning words in different languages with Lingo and his bug friends


This beautifully-animated game offers your child the opportunity to learn words in new languages - and practise saying them out loud - whilst joining in fun, interactive activities with Lingo and his bug friends. As well as exploring the different languages on offer, your child is also extending their cultural knowledge and understanding of the world around them.

How to extend the fun

Choose one of the languages featured on The Lingo Show and count from 1-5 together in that language. Then shout out one of the numbers, eg 'TROIS!' (if you chose French) and see if your child can say the number back in English.

How to make a magic moment

The Lingo Show game is even better when two of you play it. Share the Lingo experience and try out a new language together. Once you've played the game, check out the different bug songs - you can find them in the 'Song Time' section (

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