Tweenies - Bella's Stall

Learn about money using your mouse to click correct items

This activity should take 15 mins

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Shop stall


This game is great for children (especially those aged 4-6) who are learning about money and can recognise larger numbers. It will help develop their numeracy skills, extend their knowledge and understanding of the world around them - in particular what money is and what it is used for. They just need to click their mouse on the correct items and amounts of money.

How to extend the fun

Explain that money is used to pay for things. Get some real coins and notes and show them to your child. Explain that a 50p coin is worth more than a 2p coin. If they understand some addition, explain that 2p+5p =7p; 5p+5p +10p; 10p+5p=15p, etc. Next time you are in a shop, explain which coins you are handing over.

How to make a magic moment

Set up your own stall. Gather some objects (toys etc) and some real coins (or toy coins if you have them) and have a game of playing shop. Pretend to be at the till and when your child has a chosen something tell them how much it costs. See if they can give you the correct coin(s). If they can't, count out the money for them, showing them each coin and explaining what each coin is worth.

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