Batty Mobile

Make a fun Hallowe'en mobile with your child

This activity should take 30 mins

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Batty mobile


This creative make is great for developing your child's hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills as they colour in and cut out different shapes, attach them to the string, and then secure the hanging shapes to the coat hanger. You'll need to help them out with a few of the trickier steps. Remember to give your child plenty of encouragement along the way to spur them on!

How to extend the magic

Pretend to be bats flapping and flying around the room. You could grab a dark coat or jumper, drape it over your shoulders and pretend they are your wings. When you have finished flying around, ask your child if they know of any other creatures that come out when it's dark. Explain that creatures such as hedgehogs, moths and owls are all out and about during the night.

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