Balamory World Dress Up

Express themselves creatively whilst becoming aware of similarities and differences

This activity should take 30 mins

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This activity helps children express themselves creatively but also helps them to think through different possibilities and become aware of similarities and differences. The game involves dressing up the Balamory characters in different clothes from around the world. Your child just has to choose an outfit for each character - and then drag and drop the clothes onto the character.

How to extend the fun

Have a go at making all sorts of combinations. There are some really funny ones that you can come up with, and your child will love the creativity!

How to make a magic moment

Have a little dressing up game of your own. Raid the dressing-up box (and your wardrobe) and come up the silliest outfit you can think of. Why not team up your outfit with a woolly hat or tiara and some swimming goggles or sunglasses? It's time to look really daft!

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