Balamory - Weather Story

This activity should take 5 mins

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PC Plum and some kites


This animated tale about the weather will help to develop your child’s language and literacy skills as they carefully watch and listen to the story and follow the instructions when prompted (you will probably need to read the instructions to your child).

The activity is also a fun, interactive way for your child to find out more about the world around them. They can use their knowledge of the show to help them click on the correct options in the story.

How to extend the magic

Your child could draw a picture of a sunny day, a rainy day, a snowy day or a windy day. Or you could help your child make a diamond-shaped paper kite - like the one PC Plum was flying in the story. You could use thick paper for the main part of the kite and ribbon decorated with tissue paper bows for the kite's tail.

Do this activity on CBeebies