Balamory Lost and Found

Develop your child's listening skills alongside Balamory and other characters

This activity should take 30 mins

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This activity is suitable for children who are familiar with Balamory and the characters that live within the town. This particular game will help your child to develop their listening skills as they carry out some investigations with PC Plum. They'll have to listen carefully to solve the mysteries!

How to extend the fun

Ask your child about all the other characters in Balamory as you play this game. Who is their favourite character? If you're not familiar with the show, click through to the Song Time section and select the theme song from 'Balamory Karaoke'. Your child will no doubt delight in telling you all about each character.

How to make a magic moment

Create a treasure trail for your child - hide an item in your home and create a trail to it by leaving a few visual clues. Be on hand to help your child if they get stuck!

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