Balamory Invention game

Let your child experiment creatively with Archie's special machine

This activity should take 15 mins

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This game helps children to experiment creatively and try out new things for themselves. The aim of the game is to make a new invention by using Archie's special machine. Your child just has to drag and drop three items into the machine and see what new invention pops out!

How to extend the fun

You could have a go at creating your own inventions! You could make your own recipe for a fruit smoothie or milkshake - or you could gather a few things from around your home (cardboard boxes, empty plastic bottles, string, elastic) and see if you could invent a new toy!

How to make a magic moment

Play Archie's Invention Game a few times with your child. Then click through to the Song Time section, select 'Archie's Song' on the Balamory Karaoke Machine and enjoy singing along to it together.

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