Balamory Easter Eggs

Decorate easter eggs with your child's favourite Balamory characters

This activity should take 60 mins

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This activity is great fun - your child gets to make and decorate their very own Balamory Easter eggs. They'll need some help from you as the egg characters (Archie, Josie and Miss Hoolie) are made from hard-boiled eggs so make sure your child is at a safe distance while the eggs are cooking. They'll get to practise their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills as they carefully apply the various materials (eg glue, wool, coluring pens) to the egg to create the little characters.

How to extend the magic

When you have made two or three of the characters, have a little role play game with your child. Pretend that the egg characters have come to life! Ask them some questions (eg 'Oh hello Archie, you look very nice. How are you today? Have you been inventing anything special?) - and then see if your child can answer those questions in the voices of Archie, Josie or Miss Hoolie. You should share a few giggles together as you act out some conversations with the Balamory characters.

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