Teach your child sequencing and practise number recognition skills

This activity should take 30 mins

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This game helps your child to understand sequencing and also allows them to practise their number recognition skills. The game is split into two levels. In Level 1, just drag and drop the dominoes so that the Balamory character pictures match up. Level 2 builds upon Level 1 - numbers must be matched as well as the Balamory characters.

How to extend the fun

This game features a timer so you could encourage your child to beat their previous time. When they get to Level 2, you could ask them to call out the numbers they see on the dominoes before they drag and drop them into place.

How to make a magic moment

Time to swap dominoes for some musical fun. Click through to the Song Time section where you'll find the Balamory Karaoke machines ready and waiting. Let your child select their favourite song and have a nice sing along together!

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