Big Cook Little Cook Baking Bread

Try new things and introduce them to cookery skills

This activity should take 60 mins

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Big Cook Little Cook


This game encourages children to try new things and also introduces them to some equipment and ingredients used in cooking. To make the bread, your child just has to click on the mouse to weigh the flour and press the space bar to knead the dough.

How to extend the fun

After you've played the game, you could have a go at making a real loaf of bread with your child. Print out Ben and Small's recipe or click on the 'I Can Cook' pages and search for one of Katy's bread recipes - you could have ago at her Chunky Banana Bread, Olive Bread or Soda Bread.

How to make a magic moment

Help your child to make a simple chef's hat. Take a large piece of white paper or card (which will sit like a tall tube on their head) and measure how much you'll need so it fits snugly around their forehead. Then let your child decorate the paper/card using crayons, stickers, etc. Once they've finished designing their hat, fix it together at the back with tape or staples... and you're good to go!

Do this activity on CBeebies

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