Baby Jake - Interactive Story

This activity should take 5 mins

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Baby Jake in space

About Interactive Stories

Here at CBeebies we understand that storytelling is really important for our audience, and we wanted to develop a new way for children to enjoy our stories – one that offers them the opportunity to get involved and be part of the story, as well as simply sitting back and listening.

You and your little one can enjoy the story in two ways. By choosing to ‘Play Along’, your child can join in with the storytelling – clicking on different parts of the page will make characters move or make sounds, and can even reveal hidden surprises (hint: move your mouse over the picture and look out for the sparkly stars!).

‘Play Along’ enables you and your little one to experience the story at your own pace – and even poses some fun questions at the end to see how much your little one can remember about what they’ve seen and heard.

Choosing ‘Read To Me’ will mean that the story is played all the way through without your child having to click anything on screen, so they can simply enjoy being read to.

Educational value:

CBeebies Interactive Stories have been designed to enhance key skills within the EYFS Literacy learning area, including:


  • Asking children questions about a story they’ve enjoyed develops their ability to recall key points in the story and re-tell them in order - a vital sequencing skill.
  • Reading:

  • Watching the words light up while listening to the story helps children add meaning to text, enhancing early reading skills.

  • Listening to stories from an early age has been shown to improve literacy skills later in life.
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