Razzledazzle - Animal Soundscape

Match sounds to pictures and record your own animal song

This activity should take 15 mins

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Bee, rabbit, fox and bird


This musical game builds upon your child's knowledge of the world around them. As well as learning new sounds - or matching sounds they already know to pictures - they also have the chance to experiment creatively as they record their own little animal song.

How to extend the fun

Next time you're outside, see if your child can pick out different sounds they hear. It might be a plane in the sky, a bird singing in a tree or a dog barking in the park. Ask them what noise it is and who or what is making it.

How to make a magic moment

Pick one of the animals in the Soundscape game and pretend to be that animal. Get your child to do the same. Move around the room, let off some steam and make a right old racket together! MOOOO! NEIGHHHH! OINK, OINK! CLUCK, CLUCK!

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