Teletubbies - Animal Parade

Try this simple animal matching game set to music

This activity should take 5 mins

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Teletubbies and elephant


This simple matching game is set to music and great for developing thinking and numeracy skills in a young child as they work out which animal to select from the nine different creatures at the bottom of the screen. Once they've made the correct choice each animal pair marches across Teletubbyland and then returns for the main parade at the end.

How to extend the fun

Ask your child what they know about the creatures taking part in the parade. Which one was the biggest and which was the smallest? Which ones can fly? Which one had a trunk? Which one had a shell on its back?

How to make a magic moment

Have your own little animal parade in your home! Choose which one of the creatures featured in the game you'd like to be and then get ready to walk flutter, slither or hop slowly across the room.

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