Andy's Dinosaur Adventures Game

Join Andy on an adventure to explore the fantastic land of the dinosaurs

This activity should take 30 mins

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Andy's Dinosaur Adventures

About the Andy's Dinosaur Adventures Game

Little ones can travel back in time and join Andy on a dinosaur adventure. They can explore the fantastic land of the dinosaurs on the CBeebies Playtime App and continue the adventure on desktop, mobile and tablet with the CBeebies website.

In the CBeebies Playtime App, little ones can take care of their very own dinosaurs. Each dinosaur is represented by a special badge on their virtual back-pack.

Starting with their first badge the 'Tyrannosaurus Rex', little ones can have fun finding out what food it likes to eat and helping Andy feed it, teaching it to ROAR, personalising it by changing its colour or even take it’s photograph to keep and share with their family and friends.

Children can use the buttons along the bottom and on the right to play with their dinosaur. When the buttons change colour to orange or red that means the dinosaur needs something, it might be hungry, bored or needs some exercise.

As children play and take care of their T-Rex they’ll earn up to two new badges and new dinosaurs to keep – a 'Stegosaurus' and a 'Triceratops'.

Children can even go exploring and take a ride on one of their dinosaurs; moving the app around to take and collect photographs of other dinosaurs they see along the way. Andy will call out the name of the dinosaur, helping children to learn and recognise different types and species.

In both the app and the website game Andy’s iconic 'Gizmo' allows little ones to learn interesting things and fun facts they didn't know about dinosaurs, there are three facts for each dinosaur; how big they were, how much they weighed and a fun fact!

The app is available via Apple iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and Windows Phone 8 app stores, see our CBeebies Playtime App article for the links to download now.

Little ones can also join Andy through a beautifully constructed prehistoric world in a classic point and click adventure game on the Cbeebies website. Layered with realistic animated dinosaurs, fun interactions throughout and mini-games, they can explore the environments at their own pace, uncovering insects and flowers, hatching eggs and piecing together skeletons.

Children can time travel via the Grandfather clock to one of three prehistoric eras, each populated with it’s own distinctive flora, fauna and dinosaurs!

Click on Andy’s backpack to see the badges they've collected throughout and dive into the 'Gizmo' for even more fun facts about dinosaurs!

Let’s go on a dinosaur adventure!

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