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CBeebies Grown-ups discussion boards are now on social media - where you can join others in fun chatter

social media

As social media is proving such a popular way to talk to you all and for you to talk to each other, we now offer CBeebies Grown-ups on social media where you can join others in fun chatter like ‘You know you’re a CBeebies grown-up when...” or find out about events such as when tickets are released first.

We currently have Facebook and Twitter sites:

  • On Facebook join by searching for the ‘CBeebies TV Channel’ -
  • On Twitter, you can follow #cbeebiesHQ

We’re sorry that we can’t make this links work but we are always aware that children may be on our site and as such, we cannot link directly to social media. We’re afraid you’ll have to make your own way there.

Our guidelines

Protecting your children is always at our heart and so, like any responsible grown-up, we have put a few rules in place.

Our Facebook and Twitter spaces are for over 13s only. If we suspect a post is written by someone under 13 we will have to remove it. Apologies if you are mistakenly removed under this rule, but I’m sure you would rather have us be safe, than sorry.

Please be aware that anything you post on here will be visible to anyone. We advise you to consider carefully the impact of anything you post about your child and whether it may identify them to strangers, compromise their safety, humiliate them or cause them distress now or later in their life.

As this is a Facebook site, it is their Privacy Policy that applies, rather than the BBC's. Please take the time to read this policy. Also, we advise you go back check your Facebook privacy settings often – new and open ones are coming out all the time.

PHOTOS: In the interests of your child's safety and wellbeing we ask that you adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Do not post pictures of children in school uniform, or near anything else that can help locate them
  • Do not post pictures of naked children
  • You may only post pictures of children for whom you have the legal duty of care (ie: if you are their parent or legal guardian)

Posts by users are moderated by CBeebies as hosts of the page, after they have been posted. If you wish to report anything inappropriate, please email

This is a Facebook community and as such we ask users to adhere to Facebook's terms of use.

Content posted here by users does not represent the views of, or constitute an endorsement by the BBC.

Our social media house rules

  • No swearing
  • No spamming or over-posting allowed
  • Discriminatory or otherwise hateful comments will not be tolerated
  • No bullying
  • No personal or inappropriate comments about CBeebies presenters or members of staff
  • No running in the corridors