For teachers

Grown-ups is not just for parents and family. It's great for teachers and carers too.


Grown-ups is not just for parents but also for people who teach or care for children who are six and under, or for those who care for children with physical disabilities or special educational needs.

All our programmes and fun activities are matched up to learning areas, which are linked to the Early Years curricula of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Our fun activity or programme filter pages mean you should be able to drill through the large amount of our content on CBeebies and find some suggestions that should be more suitable for the lessons or day you are planning.

There are many ways you may choose to use our site to support your day or to pass to your children's parents and carers - we'd love you to drop us a line to tell us how you've been using it. We hope to eventually make a 'top tips' video with some teachers showing us their ideas. Please email your teaching suggestions to:

Caroline, a Reception teacher, said "The children in my class are real CBeebies fans and there are plenty of ways I can tap into what the Grown-ups website offers to help support the children's learning and most importantly, make it fun! 

There are great activities across all the areas of learning, such as links with phonics on the Alphablocks programme, where children can hear the sounds and help form them into words. There are also useful links to other BBC sites such as Numbertime and Words and Pictures to help reinforce concepts taught in class.

It is also really helpful to be able to point parents and carers in the right direction when explaining to them how they can help support their child's learning at home. The Grown-ups site has plenty of clear, practical advice and fun activities that they can easily access and covers a wide range of topics and issues that are relevant to young children."

CBeebies has worked with early years educational specialists and psychologists to understand how shows and fun activities on CBeebies are supported by our seven learning areas. On our Grown-ups site you will see one or more of these areas against every programme or fun activity.

Our learning areas

Communicating is all about conveying information through listening, speaking, describing and using pictures, words and expression. Children are encouraged to talk as well as listen, and to respond with questions or actions, perhaps anticipating the next step in a story.

Maths and Puzzles is all about looking at patterns and colours, understanding numbers and shapes as well as comparing measurements. It’s much more than just adding up and taking away.

Being creative is all about having fun when you are drawing, making, sticking, colouring-in and using their imagination. This is not so much about art, music and dance, but about children doing new things that they invent for themselves. It's a part of children's development that's really helped by play.

Understanding the World is all about a child’s knowledge and understanding of their world. It can include exploring, investigating, using computers, discovering the living world, people and nature around them, experiencing other cultures and beliefs and thinking about different life events.

Physical development is all about movement, awareness of the body, gaining a sense of space and understanding health and what the body needs.

Emotions and Behaviour is all about a child creating a positive image of themselves and the people around them. It includes their attitude, emotional well-being, self-confidence, self-esteem, behaviour, self-control and respect for others. Children learn to form positive relationships with others and to manage and express their emotions.

Reading and writing is all about young children making marks; enjoying books, rhymes, songs and stories; linking sounds and letters together and handwriting.  This leads on to phonics which children can use to read simple words.