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We’ve made a whole new, shiny Grown-ups website – but what’s it all about?

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Welcome to the CBeebies Grown-ups website! Please do have a good look around and make yourself at home. We are continuing to grow and update the website so do keep coming back.

CBeebies Grown-ups is all about unlocking all the magic that is within CBeebies – both online and on air. As grown-ups we may wish to know a little more about what CBeebies can offer, and chat to other grown-ups too.

Everything on CBeebies is made with learning in mind. We hope that while your little one is enjoying themselves, they are secretly learning too. With this in mind, here on Grown-ups we have matched up each show, game and fun activity that CBeebies offers to a learning area that supports Early Years development in primary schools and nurseries. Our site offers powerful filters to help you find the perfect activity, game or show for your child and your own needs.

We also offer the chance to email us, find out about Birthdays on CBeebies, contact us, look at schedule on our TV guide and much more.

We haven’t forgotten you grown-ups either – whether you’re a parent, grandparent, teacher or other carer of a CBeebies little one. With you in mind, we will be growing our Support section, which shows how CBeebies can help you through those trickier moments of childcare. However, on the more fun side, we know that you often hear the theme tunes and know the character names as much as your child does. We‘ve all been found humming those catchy tunes - even when alone! Over time we will be adding more and more Extras – which are moments of CBeebies TV fun for us grown-ups to enjoy.

CBeebies Grown-ups is also the place to chat to, share a joke or join in the fun with other grown-ups and the team here at CBeebies HQ. We now have social media sites on Facebook and Twitter (@CBeebiesHQ) for all us CBeebies grown-ups.

We’d love to hear what you think of our site, or any suggestions. You can drop us a line using one of the social media pages or through our Contact form in the FAQ page.

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