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For grown-ups

How to play

Practise magic and play games with Tree Fu Tom in Chuckleberry Size-o-scope.

The first part of this game is the Size-o-scope Controller Spell, which you can play with a webcam or a mouse. You can then play the game by using your mouse or the arrow keys.

Mar a chluicheas tu

Feuch air draoidheachd is cluich geamannan còmhla ri Tree Fu Tom ann am Prosbaig Seunta na Dearc-ghàire.

'S e Draoidheachd a' Phrosbaig Sheunta a' chiad phàirt dhen ghèam. Faodaidh tu a chluich le camara-lìn no le luchag agus 's urrainn dhut an gèam fhèin a chluich leis an luchag no na putanan saighde.

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