1. Rydian drives a racing car on a lonely road in the woods. cbbc-all-star-racing-wb-rydian-promo

  2. An illustrated Maddy and a Wolf on a blue background. Wolfblood - Leader of the Pack - The Girl From Nowhere Promo

    An illustrated Maddy and Rhydian either side of three wolves howling and juming next to a character from the game. Includes the 'Leader of the Pack' logo.

    Challenge your friends in Leader of the Pack

  3. Maddy and Rhydian Wolfblood Stoneybridge flash promo fpa

    Maddy and Rhydian, with screenshots of puzzles in the Mystery of Stoneybridge game

    Help the Wolfblood gang inĀ Mystery of Stoneybridge

  4. Maddy and Rhydian wolfblood fan club

    Maddy and Rhydian

    Come and chat in the Wolfblood Fan Club

  5. Rhydian with the mysterious girl secret ep promo

    Rhydian with the mysterious girl

    See Rhydian's wild side in the Wolfblood secret episode

Being a teenager is hard enough. Being a Wolfblood teenager is ten times more complicated. 14 year old Maddy loves her abilities - heightened senses, being faster, stronger and more graceful - but hates the secrets that come with them.

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