1. An illustrated wolf and Rhydian on the phone while running. Wolfblood Shadow Runners Story Mode Promo

    An illustrated wolf, Rhydian on the phone while running and a scene from the game of a wolf running in the park.

    Play Wolfblood - Shadow Runners story mode now

  2. Rhydian and Jana. wolfblood jana cope promo

    Rhydian and Jana.

    How will Jana cope now Rhydian's gone?

  3. Jana and Rhydian from Wolfblood. Wolfblood Series 3 Episodes promo

    Shannon, Jana, Rhydian and Tom.

    Watch the whole of Wolfblood Series 3

  4. Jana. Jana Bites - Extended Version

    Jana, wolf and Ceri crying.

    Jana Bites - Extended Version with brand new scenes

  5. A wolf. Wolfblood Wolfwarp Promo

    Bobby Lockwood, a plus sign, a wolf, an equals sign and the two other images combined together.

    Transform yourself with all new Wolfblood Wolfwarp

Being a teenager is hard enough. Being a Wolfblood teenager is ten times more complicated.

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