Wizards vs Aliens

  1. Tom and Varg Wizards vs Aliens Quiz

    Tom and Varg

    Find out if you are the ultimate WvA superfan

  2. Lady Lyzera. wva-lady-lyzera-promo

    Lady Lyzera.

    What will Lady Lyzera do now?

  3. Varg Varg’s Vidcast 3 - Triumphant Tidings


    Varg's Triumphant Vidcast to the Nekross King

  4. Tom and Varg from Wizards vs Aliens WvA Magic Mayhem Promo

    Tom and Varg from Wizards vs Aliens

    Brand new Wizards vs Aliens game Magic Mayhem

  5. Randal Moon Randal Moon’s Creatures of the Neverside - Part 2

    Randal Moon

    A guide to Faeries, Dragons and Witches.

Wizards vs Aliens sees two worlds collide as young wizard Tom Clarke defends the Earth from Magic-eating aliens! With threats both alien and Magical, and aided by hobgoblin Randal Moon, Tom must keep the Dayside safe from Nekross and Neverside creature alike.

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