Wizards vs Aliens

  1. Benny The Quantum Effect Trailer


    Benny's in trouble in The Quantum Effect

  2. Tom The Quantum Effect Sneak Peek

    Tom and Benny

    Coming up next on Wizards v Aliens

  3. Varg Varg’s Vidcast 1 - Devious Dangers


    Varg's guide to dangers presented by wizards

  4. Tom and Varg from Wizards vs Aliens WvA Magic Mayhem Promo

    Tom and Varg from Wizards vs Aliens

    Brand new Wizards vs Aliens game Magic Mayhem

  5. Tom as a mouse. wizards-versus-aliens-mouse-promo

    Tom as a mouse.

    Which animal would you shape-shift into?

Wizards vs Aliens sees two worlds collide as young wizard Tom Clarke and his best friend Benny defend the Earth from Magic-eating aliens. Aided by the hobgoblin Randal Moon, Tom must stop the Nekross from draining the Earth of Magic!

Mondays and Tuesdays at 5pm on CBBC and CBBCHD or catch episodes first on CBBC iPlayer.

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