Tracy Beaker Returns

  1. A wooden table with an image of the animated Tracy beaker character from the Beakeriser game. Tracy Beaker Beakeriser

    Cartoon images of the Tracy Beaker cast

    Beakerise yourself with the Tracy beaker Beakeriser.

  2. Your Tracy Beaker Story Book Tracy Beaker Returns

  3. Tyler TDG Game New Levels Feb14 Promo

    Tee and Tyler in The Dumping Ground game

    Get to grips with The Dumping Ground game

  4. The whole of the Tracy Beaker Returns cast Tracy Beaker Characters

    The whole of the Tracy Beaker Returns cast

    Find out more about your favourite Beaker Characters!

Join Tracy Beaker and her friends in the Dumping Ground! Make a character and take yourself into the world of Tracy Beaker.

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