The Dare Devil

  1. The Dare Devil covered in slime. the darewarp promo

    The Darewarp and the resulting Dare Devil covered in slime.

    Prepare for a scare with the Darewarp

  2. The Dare Devil grinning. The Dare Devil's Series 2 Highlights promo

    The Dare Devil and Hacker. Badge in corner reads 'Watch on mobile'.

    Watch The Dare Devil's Series 2 Highlights

  3. The Dare Devil being sad because JLS have split up. The Dare Devil Up Close and Personal promo

  4. The Dare Devil Foldee The Dare Devil Foldee Promo

    The Dare Devil with Foldee

    Print out your Dare Devil foldee here.

The Dare Devil seeks out contestants to put to the test with his fiendish dares. Digging deep into their passions, likes, phobias and fears, he crafts the perfect dare for each team.

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