1. A female defender stands ready. Splatalot Kingdom Defence Promo 3

    A female defender stands ready for the attackers approaching from the distance.

    Protect the crown in Splatalot Kingdom Defence

  2. The Attacker. Splatalot

    A Defender with a slatalot gun, the splatalot extreme game and a defender.

    Race to victory in Splatalot Extreme

  3. A defender. Splatalot

    A defender firing green blobs.

    Fight the defenders in Capture the Crown 2

  4. A defender looking scared at a splatapult shot. Splatalot

    A defender looking scared at a splatapult shot.

    Take down the defenders in Splatapult 2

  5. A Splatalot contestant faling into a pool of water. Splats of Fame

    Lots of Splatalot contestants covered in mud and water and falling over!

    LOL at these hilarious Splats of Fame clips

Dick and Dom are the hilarious hosts of this gunge-filled game show; Splatalot. Play the games and make it past the defenders in this medieval messy madness.

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