Shaun the Sheep

  1. Super Sheep Shearer. shaun the sheep shearer promo

    Shaun and the Super Sheep Shearer game.

    Do battle in Super Sheep Shearer

  2. A Shaun the Sheep model behind a camera. Shaun the Sheep Behind the Fleece behind the scenes promo

    A Shaun the Sheep model behind a camera. Badge in corner reads 'Watch on mobile'.

    Go 'Behind the Fleece' with Shaun the Sheep

  3. Shaun's face. Shaun the sheep bsp

  4. Shaun the Sheep mask. Shaun the Sheep masks promo

    Timmy, Shaun and Shirley masks with the farm in the background.

    Make your own Shaun the Sheep masks

  5. Sheep getting ready to hit the puck Shaun the Sheep Championsheeps Sheep Skate Promo

    Play the new Championsheep Sheep Skate Game

    Play the Championsheeps - Sheep Skate Game

Shaun the Sheep, Bitzer and the flock are always getting into mischief on the farm in this animated comedy. You'd be Baahmy not to join the fun!

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