Operation Ouch! Goes Back in Time

  1. Doctor Xand and Chris operation ouch dw1 promo

    Doctor Chris and Xand

    The joke's on Chris and Xand with Doctor Doctor

  2. Doctor Xand operation ouch sp1 promo

    Doctor Chris and Xand with dye in their teeth

    See how clean brushed teeth really are in Operation Ouch

  3. Doctors Xand and Chris operation ouch Doctor Who are you part 2 promo

    Doctors Chris and Xand. Badge reads 'Watch on mobile'

    Watch the second part of Dr Who...Are You?

  4. Dr Chris and Xand. Explosions Clip

    Dr Chris and Xand.

    Chris and Xand try out an Explosive Experiment

Dr Chris and Dr. Xand turn back the clock and look at what medicine was like in the First World War. They meet a paralympian runner who swaps her awesome medal-winning blade for a WW1 leather leg, they look at the little critters that infested the trenches and then set up a massive experiment to show you how soldiers' bodies had to cope with the pressures exerted from huge explosions.

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