Hacker Time

  1. Hacker the Dog dressed in a futuristic costume. Hacker Time Series 4 Sneak Peek 10 promo

    Hacker the Dog dressed in a futuristic costume, with a hologram of Wilf.

    See what Hacker Time will be like in the future

  2. Simon Rimmer and Hacker hacker-time-food-promo

    Simon Rimmer and Hacker

    What's your fave disgusting food combo?

  3. Derek and Hacker from Hacker Time. Hacker Time episodes promo

    Hacker with his Hacker Time crew – Wilf, Derek, Lolly and Herman.

    Watch top-notch Hacker Time episodes

  4. Chris Johnson and Hacker the Dog. Hacker Time Interviews Episode 6 promo

    Chris Johnson and Hacker the Dog.

    Watch the latest Hacker Time interview

  5. Derek McGee print-out. mcgee yourself promo

Follow the continuing adventures of Hacker T Dog on his quest for talk show stardom. Each day he tricks a new celebrity guest into his studio for bouts of fun and all out mayhem. With comedy sketches and silly clips.

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