Fierce Earth

  1. Fierce Earth Extreme. fierce earth extreme topic promo

  2. Leo takes on the Jetovator. Fierce Earth Extreme: Boiling Earth

    Leo takes on the Jetovator.

    Watch Leo take on the Jetovator

  3. Claire climbing down the ice. fierce-earth-extreme-9-promo

    Claire climbing down the ice.

    Watch Claire face the ice in Fierce Earth Extreme

  4. Leo wing walking. Fierce Earth Extreme: Leo Wing Walking

    Leo wing walking.

    Watch Leo go Wing Walking

  5. Fierce Earth presenters. fierce meet the presenters promo

    Fierce Earth presenters.

    Meet the fearless presenters of Fierce Earth

What happens when the ground shakes, the seas rise up and the air tears itself apart? The Fierce Earth team move in, taking on the most powerful forces on the planet.

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