Disaster Chefs

  1. Omelette in frying pan Disaster Chefs Things To Do Promo French Toast and Omelette

    French toast and an omelette in frying pans

    Become a super chef in seconds with Disaster Chefs recipes

  2. Stefan Gates Stefan Gates Webchat Promo

  3. Chocolate pancakes. How to make chocolate pancakes

    Chocolate pancakes.

    Learn to make chocolate pancakes like a pro!

  4. An omelette. How to make an omelette

    An omelette.

    Even a Disaster Chef could make this delicious omelette recipe

Is your Mum's cooking worse than old school lunches? Would you rather eat cabbage every day than face your Dad's dinner? Join Stefan Gates as he goes on a mission to teach parents across the country to cook!

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