Deadly Pole to Pole

  1. Deadly Mission Complete. deadly mission complete promo

    Steve in the Port Lockroy post office.

    Steve receives some post at the end of the world 

  2. Steve and a T-Rex. deadly dash 4 ultimate promo

    Steve surrounded by Deadly animals from Deadly Dash 4 Extreme.

    Get extreme with Deadly Dash 4

  3. Steve sitting with an albatross. Deadly Pole to Pole Bird Island

    Steve sitting with an albatross.

    Watch as Steve visits Bird Island

  4. Steve Backshall in a dry suit. Deadly Falklands

    Steve Backshall in the sea with some penguins.

    Steve visits some penguins in the Falkland Islands

  5. Steve Backshall stumping his toe. Deadly Pole to Pole Blooper 1

    Steve Backshall stumping his toe.

    Watch Deadly Pole to Pole Bloopers

Join Steve Backshall on his latest adventure exploring extreme environments in search of the deadliest wildlife and locations the planet has to offer.

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